Breakfast is literally Breaking the Fast

Jumpstart your metabolism in the morning by eating within the first hour of your day.

Breakfast = Break Fast

When I get up in the morning I grab a sip of water and head out the door for my walk. Upon my return I reach for a cup of coffee. Before I leave for work I down a glass of juice. It’s often 9am or later when I finally have something to eat. At that point it’s typically fruit and yogurt, maybe with a little granola. I’m just not the early morning breakfast eater. But maybe I need to change my habits.

Our bodies are hungry in the morning. It’s time to break the night time fast and fuel up for the day. At Women on the Move they talked about feeding the fire to get it going. Think about your fire as having been banked with ashes for the night and it’s time to get it blazing again, to get the energy going. I kinda like the metaphor.

Time management will be my biggest obstacle in changing my morning routine. If I’m going to do it, I need to do it in a deliberate fashion. Instead of quickly eating my fruit and granola standing in the kitchen when I get back from my walk, roughly an hour after I got up, I need to set aside time to enjoy breaking the fast.

It’s all about nurturing yourself. The least you can do for you in the morning is make a breakfast, simple but nutritious, and sit down in front of a window to enjoy it. Feel the fire in your belly coming to life and energizing you for the day!

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