Surprise Encounter

I went for a Nordic walk to the Bozeman C-oop on Good Friday to pick up strawberries and fresh asparagus for Easter dinner. It’s only 2 miles so I figured I could leave the car at home and enjoy the brisk day.

As I neared my destination a young man literally jumped out in front of me asking if I was Nordic walking?!  I’ve had lots of people ask if I had forgotten my skis or was prepping for winter skiing but this was a first!  I was surprised, a little unnerved and of course curious.  He was quick to explain that he had seen me a few blocks back and was just so excited to actually see someone Nordic walking.

As the story goes his girl friend is in Poland on a mission assignment and she has joined a Nordic Walking club. She’s apparently quite enthusiastic about it but he just didn’t really understand what it was all about.  When he saw me he pulled over, texted her and she confirmed that I was probably Nordic walking and she would like a picture.

He told me all about himself, his girl friend, where he lives, how they met and apologized over and over for this being a bit unusual but telling me that he was not stalking me, he was really a normal guy,  all while he got his phone out to take a picture.  I posed in front of a large pine tree and he sent the pic right off to Poland.

I hope she looks me up and we get to take a walk together when she comes home next fall.

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