Recovery with Nordic Walking Poles


Yesterday I got to trade my Mobilegs for my Nordic Walking poles and my first walk, about 1.5 miles, reminded me of all the reasons why poles will be my best friend as I regain my strength and flexibility.

What happened on that first walk?  First I got to stand up nice and tall after leaning on crutches for so long.  The poles supported me allowing me to accept the weight unto my hips and knees.  I was able to move into a natural stride, even weight bearing on both feet, no hitch in my step. Balanced and stable, I was able to roll each foot from heel to toe.  As I settled into a familiar altho slower rhythm, I relaxed into the Nordic walking moving meditation.  I could feel the stress of the past 6 weeks just melting away.  I’ve missed that!  At the end of my walk I used the poles to stretch, gently moving through my body to get the kinks out.

Thank goodness for Nordic walking poles!

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