Actively Aging with Nordic Walking

It’s National Active Aging Week and everyone is focused on getting seniors moving.  An active lifestyle will keep all of us living a happy healthy life for years to come.  The message is that if we stop moving it’s very difficult to get started again so don’t stop even when you have to slow down a bit.  It’s not easy to keep going, to move through the pain, to stay motivated for daily activity. But as my friend Liz from Pedal and Roll will tell you, when you end up on the couch it takes a very big push to get you going again.

It’s always a joy to introduce seniors to the poles.  They immediately stand up straighter and taller – walking like a queen!  Even with a few steps they find better balance and begin to walk in a more natural rhythm and stride.  They notice the muscles in their back and arms working as the poles connect with the ground.  And they smile because it’s fun and feels so very good to be moving.

I count on my poles to help me maintain the strength and confidence for daily independent walking for the rest of my life.  When I get up in the morning and would rather sit and have a cup of coffee I see my poles in the corner and know it’s time for that walk first. They really are my best friend when it comes to staying active.

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