Unplugged in Big Sky

It’s the end of my first week of five in Big Sky Montana. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones able to negotiate 5 weeks off to go to the mountains. Thank you Hoigaards!

This is the third year that we’ve been able to do this. Each year gets a little easier. Packing for 5 weeks isn’t easy. You want to limit what you bring but I learned the first year that I like a few more options for what I wear both on the hill and in the condo. I also have favorite kitchen stuff that needs to come so that cooking and baking is easy here. But it’s the toys that take up all the room, multiple pairs of skis, boots, snowshoes and of course a Nordic Walking pole bag.

One of the lessons from the first year is that you have to find your balance here. Even tho it’s a “vacation” you are living your life each day. You don’t get to completely disengage from real life for the whole time, but there’s definitley more time to play.

I am trying to unplug from all the usual time I spend online. Amazing how programmed we are to check emails, messages and websites all thru our days. I’m staying in touch with family but trying to minimize
the rest of my digital connections. Not as easy as it sounds but I think the end result is worth it.

The mountain is in great shape! We’ve skied 4 days in a row and planning on taking today off and perhaps throwing in a snowshoe instead of skiing. Quiet time on the trail 🙂

I’ll update with pictures and stories as the weeks go on.

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