Step Outdoors into My World

One of the things I love about Nordic Walking is that it invites me to step outdoors to begin my day.

My yard is surrounded by gardens.  I am treated to color and texture as soon as soon as I open the door.

A deep breath as I listen to the songs and greetings from the resident birds: woodpeckers, cardinals, baltimore orioles, chickadees, and many more.  Gail comes through the gate and we’re off for our walk.  Our favorite route is towards the Carlson ponds to enjoy the great blue herons standing sentry at the edge of the water.  We’ve had up to 6 Heron mornings of late!  With an occasional egret and green heron mixed in.

Upon our return there’s time for a quick garden walk to see what’s blooming today.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  May you spend it outdoors with joy and wonder.

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