Dark Days Challenge #4

Someday I’ll remember to take pictures of food. In the meantime my first local meal was broiled pork chops with brussle sprouts sauteed in garlic and bacon (Laura’s recipe) strawberry and blueberry fruit cup, and a plain lettuce salad from a new hydroponic farm. I’ll have to post their name when I’m back home as we are in Crested Butte Colorado right now.

The second meal was a welcome home meal for my son Danny as he returned from Costa Rica. It was bittersweet to have him home, he had been attacked on the beach and beaten in the face. Thankfully he had an international health insurance policy and they took good care of him at the CIMA Hospital in San Jose. He came home to a home cooked meal of roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, cooked carrots and local bakery bread. Comfort food to help the healing process.

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