Dark Days Challenge #3

As a young girl I loved coming home to the smell of saurkraut for dinner. My mom would bake pork hocks all afternoon in a big pot of homemade saurkraut and the whole house would smell delicious. It must be an acquired smell, not everyone appreciates it. But when I baked pork chops with local saurkraut (didn’t make any of my own this year, that was my mom’s thing to do) complete with potatoes and apples from the summer market and flanked with crusty bread from the bakery it not only is a wonderful dish to come home to but it brings back many flavorful memories.

My second local dinner was simple tacos. Thousand Acre Beef hamburger, Bushel Boy lettuce and tomatoes – local hydroponic food source, Minnesota sour cream and cheddar cheese all rolled into garden vege tortillas purchased and frozen from the summer market. yum! We topped it with my sister Betsy’s homemade salsa. Simple dinner, delicious!

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