Opportunity.We all hear it knocking.  I’m not sure that it only knocks once because sometimes it gets really loud.  I’m not always good at answering the door.  How often do I ignore the knocking and later regret being unable or unwilling to say “come on in!”It’s much easier to stay in my personal comfort zone. Life is predictable here; I get up, do my day, get my list of things done and then start all over again tomorrow.  “I can’t possibly take the time out of my “very important schedule” to do that!” (whatever “that” is  that is knocking at my door)Dan and I have the opportunity this winter to spend 5 weeks in the mountains.  It’s been something on our bucket list for years, something “out there” but not for today. We’ve never made the commitment.  Yesterday I asked for a 5 week sabatical to go skiing.  I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do if Todd (president of Hoigaard’s) said no but he smiled and told me it would be ok. wow!   I’m so excited!  The mountains are calling and I get to go!


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  1. meta orvis says:

    Holy Smokes!!! Are you ever lucky, just hope there’s snow, but even w/out it will be so cool. now just where are you going to hang?? KIT, meta

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