Minnehaha and Trees!

Two weeks ago we had record winds here in Minnesota.  That Saturday we paddled the Minnehaha Creek, thinking it would probably be our last chance this season.  What we didn’t think about was the amount of debris that would be in the creek following the storm.

Mind you the creek is not a dangerous place but it did turn out to be challenging to work our way around and through trees and limbs that had fallen during the high winds.  TREE!  became a commonly heard shout.  Most of the time we were able to get by, only once did we have to paddle back up the creek to get out, drag the kayaks through the woods, under the trunk of said tree and push them back into the water.

I ended up wet for much of the day, lesson learned about ducking under big branches without a spray skirt,  but it didn’t deter from the magic of this wonderful gem within the Minneapolis City Limits.



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