Just to put it into perspective

 It’s been an incredible week here in Big Sky!  lots of firsts for all of us.  I wanted to give you a better perspective of what we’ve skied.This is a picture from the top of Challenger looking across the Headwater runs. You can see the very top of the chairlift and the small lifty shack that we skied around to go across the top traverse.  From there it was all downhill.The Big Coulior that the kyds have been skiing this week is the white strip just to the right of Lone Peak, seen here from a distance.  The small speck right on top is the Tram tower.   Sam skied it with Michelle on Friday, her first time to drop in.  It’s a thrill to watch them come down.At night there is a single light in the building so you can always see the top of Lone Peak. We did the Montana Yurt Dinner on Friday night. It’s a snowcat ride up into the hills and then dinner in a yurt with a bonfire and sledding under the stars.  Instead of riding the snowcat back down there was a small group of us that took the sleds and walked and sledded the 2 miles back to the base. WOW. We followed the cat track down under a star filled, cold Montana sky.  It was so much fun!Tomorrow we’re going to try and ski the North Summit. We’ll start at the top of the tram and ski all the way down the north side of Lone Peak and end up at the bottom of Moonlight.  If the lines aren’t too long and it’s good light we’ll be on it.  One last first before we head back to Minnesota.

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