Skiing with women

I had the pleasure on Thursday morning of skiing with a fellow female skier. Kay had purchased a new pair of skis and was having difficulty getting to  know them. I met her down at Buck Hill to make a few turns and try to figure out what was happening.  I spend most of my time as an instructor teaching children. I love it, but it’s pure pleasure to work with women on the snow.Kay made some nice changes in her technique and discovered the joy of tipping a ski on edge and letting it carve. It was fun to see her hook up and when we went in to warm up, did I mention that it was a perfect Minnesota January morning 5 degrees, no wind, blue bird day?, the relationship between her and her skis was on much smoother ground.  I wouldn’t say she was in love yet, but well on her way to enjoying her new toys in the snow.Part of the wonder of the morning was Kay’s willingness to try new movements. She’s skied for years and yet was frustrated with not being able to move comfortably on the new shape.  It’s a good reminder that we can all learn new movement patterns for our favorite outdoor sports and activities.

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