The No in November

The long rainy days here in Minnesota certainly didn’t leave much time for fall. Like many of you I feel like I missed having time outside wrapped in the colors and essence of autumn. I did sneak in time with Dan for my favorite fall hike out at Baker last week. Even though there wasn’t a lot of color on the hillsides the maple forest was glowing.  It’s always a magical moment when you walk into the soft light under the canopy of yellows and golds.  As I walked I had memories of all the kyds running off the path exploring the woods.

And now it’s November. It was always the “no” month for daycare. No barefeet, no flowers, no leaves on the trees, no swimming, no shorts, no hot days, no popsicles… you can complete your own list. 

Once we’re done with all the no’s there’s also the YES! of November. It’s the turnover month, a time of anticipation.  Hats – yes,  new horizons opened up by the loss of the leaves on trees – yes,  my winter wardrobe – yes (I love fleece and flannel), fires and hot chocolate – yes, the first real snowfall – yes!

 So I say goodbye and mourn the no’s of November but I do look forward to all the yes! of the months to come.

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