One Degree Closer

I have a degree in Therapeutic Recreation from University of Utah.  I truly believe that what you do with your “leisure” hours helps to balance your life.  We need our down time to “re-create” life energy, to destress, to reconnect with what’s really important to us.  Our choices for recreation affect our overall health and wellbeing.  

 In the beginning of my career I worked in structured psychiatric settings creating and leading recreational programs and leisure counseling for people struggling with mental illness.   During the years of day care I used what I knew to help children grow up with the experience and appreciation for active play time.  Today I’m finding that I use my background to help people change their life through the promotion of active outdoor lifestyles.

 Who knew that retail would bring me full round to using my degree again.  As a result of the community exposure from HOW activities and demo’s corporations are seeking me out to do health and wellness events centered on Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle choices.  I got a call yesterday from a woman creating a website for healthy active lifestyles for baby boomers.  I’m working daily coaching nordic walking with people with mobility limitations including Parkinsons, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and knee and hip replacements.  The possibilities are endless, the benefits real, the changes life altering.

My life is blessed by the people I meet.

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