Ladies from Minnesota in Steamboat

It was my pleasure to take 10 women from the HOW (Hoigaard’s Outdoor Women) Program to Steamboat Springs in early March for 3 days of skiing and adventure. Being a large group we quickly became known as the “Ladies from Minnesota” to the local taxi company. We ranged in age from late 20’s to early 60’s and included downhill as well as Nordic skiers. One of our group came all the way from Amsterdam to join us making us an international HOW group once again.

This was a year of lots of snow for the Rocky Mountain states and Steamboat was on their way to a record winter with over 400 inches as we arrived. The snow gods were good to us, we had new snow every night and beautiful “blue bird days” our first and third day on the mountain.

One of the highlights of our trip was skiing with Deb Armstrong. She coached the women in the triangle of power as it applies to skiing and allowed that they can use the image in everyday life as well. She’s delightful, energetic and has a very personal approach with women. Her tips early on made it easier for women to enjoy the variety of snow conditions all over the mountain.

A trip to Steamboat wouldn’t be complete without an evening at the Strawberry Hot Springs. The hot water and beautiful setting was the perfect antidote for sore muscles and tired bodies. We even took the plunge into the 40 degree river!

I really enjoy traveling with women. It’s a very special experience in the lack of competition in the group. Women offer total support to each other, offering and taking options, allowing each other to be independent (one of our group took off on her own every day to the Nordic center) and recognizing and respecting their own personal limits. We all took great delight in getting to know other and came away having made new friends and connections.

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