Herons and eagles and deer – oh my!


The Tent Sale is over and to celebrate we paddled the Minnehaha Creek on Tuesday.

This is a small creek that runs from Lake Minnetonka to the Minnehaha Falls and then on to the Mississippi River.  Usually you would paddle it in the spring when the water levels are high enough to cover the rocks. This has been an unusual summer with plenty of rain so we were able to do a fall kayak.

Leaving our sea kayaks at home we took small plastic ones from Hoigaard’s and put into the creek behind Minnetonka City Hall.  Four hours later we arrived at 54th Street.

It was simple, it was easy and it was AWESOME!

The water was high enough for running small rapids, ducking low when going under the bridges and showcasing an abundance of wild life. We encountered great blue herons, egrets, green herons, an owl, red tailed hawks, king fishers, and multitudes of smaller birds.  It was a cool day and there were piles of turtles warming up on logs and rocks.  Small fish swam away from the boats and a few even jumped and splashed.

About half way we came upon a huge eagle fishing from a log in the water. Lifting our paddles we were able to drift to about 20 feet from him before he flew off.  Shortly after there was a 6 point buck deer standing in a yard next to the creek.  He was so majestic. To our surprise there was a second buck laying on the ground next to him.

It was a magical afternoon!  If you have time and inclination, grab a boat and enjoy!

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