Time to disconnect

After a hot and windy day at the Arboretum (28 new Nordic Walkers joined us at 1:30) Dan and I drove thru the storms to Ely on Thursday evening.  I had a Board meeting at the International Wolf Center on Friday and we planned to stay til early Sunday morning, driving back just in time for me to get to work at Hoigaard’s at 10:30am.

Once again the north woods did their magic.  Staying with our dear friends Ann and Dean at their cabin on Burntside Lake was a blessing, the perfect hideaway from real life.  We enjoyed sleeping in, coffee by the lake, long conversations catching up on our kyds and busy lives, fun walks, good food and just doing nothing.  

I unplugged, disconnected and recreated and life was here waiting for me when I got back.  Nothing blew up or fell apart.  amazing, I really should do it more often.

Happy Solstice!  

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