A Four Walk Day

Wednesday was a four walk day for me.   Ten miles, 4 different locations, 36 different walkers

and one tired Nordic Walking Queen.

The day included all the best that Nordic Walking offers:

First walk at 5:45 with Gail.  It was a beautiful morning, 52 degrees, with the sun just coming up. 

We shared our morning with blue herons, Canadian geese and their goslings, and the first itty bitty

wood duck hatchlings scrambling across the water trying to keep up with momma.

Alliant Tech hosted the second walk in celebration of National Employee Health and Fitness Day. 

Professional women getting outdoors for some exercise and de stressing with a Nordic Walk around the local lake.

Mid Afternoon I met up with a group of ladies from Hammer Residence. One of the staff is an avid

Nordic Walker and wanted to introduce the women to all the benefits of pole walking. They did great! 

and I can’t wait to have them as part of the Minnetonka Nordic Walking Club in June.

The last walk was our Nordic Walking Wednesday at Minnehaha Falls Park. We had several new

walkers among the group enjoying the trails above the Mississippi River. 

I’m always interested in how folks were motivated to come walk with us. One first time couple

heard about Nordic Walking at a family celebration last week when her aunt talked on and on

about her awesome new poles.  They just had to come.

I was exhausted as we sat at Sea Salt enjoying a cold beer and fish tacos after the walk.

I’m glad these days don’t happen very often but what a joy to have spent my day outdoors

Nordic Walking with so many wonderful people! 

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