Dark Days Challenge Week 13

ok, so I didn’t really fall off the map but I have been traveling and not cooking much. I’m not sure if that’s the good news or the bad news altho I do find that most of what I’m doing at home is at least 50% local. I have to say that I’m extremely jealous of all of the pacific coast families enjoying the first fresh veges from the gardens.Last week we were in Colorado skiing at Winter Park, Vail and Crested Butte. As we ate our way across the country we did score a wonderful local meal at the Cast Iron Skillet in Winter Park. They serve “never ever” beef, making note that most “additive and anti biotic free” beef is free for the last 100 days.  The beef that they serve is totally free from birth. An interesting thing to broadcast on their menu. Way to go Cast Iron Skillet!  I ordered the ribeye with sweet potato fries and root vegetables. It was delicious!  What a treat at the end of a long day on the slopes.I was home for 4 days before hitting the road again this morning and arriving in Big Sky, Montana tonight.  I did manage to do a quick local meal of home grown roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots still in the pantry from the last farmer’s market complimented by strawberries from the freezer on local ice cream for desert.So now we’re in Big Sky but we did manage to bring local goodies from home with us, watch for how we use these special ingredients this week!

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