First snowy walk

It’s finally winter in Minnesota. It’s been a crazy fall season with a cold and wet October, warm and dry November, and no snow up til now. Yesterday morning it was nippy cold for the first time and today Gail and I got up to the first real winter dusting of snow. Even my not so winter enthusiast friend had to admit that with the just past full moon shining it was a beautiful start to a Friday.

 It was also a good reminder to get out the winter walking gear. We needed warmer gloves, winter walking shoes, studded tips for the LEKI poles, and even a neck gaitor would have felt good in the wind. I never understand where my “get a grips” go during the summer months, I expect that all my winter stuff will simply be on the bottom of the basket by the door. But sorting thru the hats and mittens I obviously put some of my necessary items in a safe place. If only I could remember where…

We’ve also added some “winter” interval training to our walks. Lunges, skipping and double poling are all part of the norm as we attempt to get ready for the ski season. Last year we did lots of Cross Country along with all the alpine and we’re hoping for another good snow year. I can’t wait for the evening skis through the woods at the local parks.

Snowshoes and boots are ready, bring it on!

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