Nordic Walking Queen is a Star!

Early this summer I went to Buffalo, New York and did a video gig for LEKI. It’s now online at under Nordic Walking 101.  Check it out!

The weekend I went was more than just working with some of my favorite people. Lindy from LEKI immediately became a good friend when I first met her in New York.  She was my LEKI connection, my mentor for all things marketing, my mental support when things get tough, and a source of good humor to make life more bearable.  She’s now moved on, retired from LEKI and living in Florida with her new husband.  She’s busy converting lots of Floridians to Nordic Walking, one person at a time.

 Tom and Joe make being in front of the camera fun. Seriously, it’s lots of work. A long day. Doing the same thing over and over again until you get it right.  But it was a beautiful day and they are so supportive.  They never lost their patience with me.  We laughed all day over the interruptions to our filming and finished the day nordic walking to the local Italian restaurant.

It was a weekend to remember!  And I get to star on the LEKI website!  It’s all good

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