Both ends of the spectrum

Saturday I was on the Birke trail nordic walking in the north woods with a very active and fit group of walkers.  Wednesday morning I was in a climate controlled world at the Mall of America presenting Nordic Walking to the Mall Star Walking program, an indoor walking club. Two extremes of age, activity and fitness levels. 

The important thing about it was that the interest and enthusiasm for learning about nordic walking was very similar between the two groups.  They are both passionate about staying active and listening to what their bodies and spirits are capable of  doing.  There was a different energy level, but walkers, whether inside or outside, all want to get the most out of their walk.

 So even tho it felt a bit schizoid to be moving so quickly between these two worlds, I feel that I found the common link between them and I’m glad to have been able to bring nordic walking to their worlds.

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  1. Laura says:

    Keep it up mom, love the writing and to hear about what’s going on!


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