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This will be my sixth season in the St Cloud area and I’m looking forward to seeing all my walkers and leading classes for new walkers.  We didn’t get to do many classes last summer with Covid around but the walking groups were active and will be again this spring. Check back after the holidays for the updated schedule of classes for 2021.

Liz Ogren and the Pedal, Roll and Stroll team is leading a group in Burnsville,  the Green Fit Club with Three Rivers Park District includes Nordic walking,  Maple Grove Nordic Walkers i.e. the 757 Club are led by Sher Monfore have Nordic walking groups all summer and fall, and Hoigaards has a weekly Nordic walking Tuesday that meets at various locations.

My classes include everything from short Introductory classes to 3 part classes for more personal attention to your technique.  There will also be special 2 hour Beyond the Basics clinics for walkers looking to take the next step and ramp up their walk.  As always I’m available to teach private individual or group lessons or to do Corporate Wellness programs.

We know that it’s more fun to walk with a group.  The local groups in Sauk Rapids, Cold Spring and St Cloud will walk once per week. 3 years ago I started a Nordic Walking group at the St Cloud VA, open to all vets and their partners/caregivers. We hope to have that up and walking again this spring. Check my Facebook page for locations and times. If you’d like more information about these groups please email me.  The walks in the schedules are FREE, open to all levels of walkers and if they are led by an instructor or group leader there will be poles available for use on the walk.

For winter walking 2020/21 check your local area for programs with poles. If you don’t find them suggest they contact me and we can get a program started in your area.

Hope to see you out there!

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Cold Spring Granite Steppers - NW Group

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