Upcoming Events

The calendar below shows upcoming classes, events and walks that I will be leading or participating in the spring of 2017.   This is my third season in the St Cloud area and classes have been full of enthusiastic new walkers.  It’s been fun to build on the energy and excitement about Nordic walking in this area.   I’m waiting for the registration links for the spring classes but the dates and locations are up on the calendar.

In the meantime there are walks going on!  Liz Ogren and her team are leading both outdoor and indoor walks in the western suburbs, the Green Fit Club with Three Rivers Park District includes Nordic walking all winter,  Maple Grove Nordic Walkers i.e. the 757 Club are active into the winter led by Sher Monfore, Brooklyn Park, Edina and Fridley will re activate their walking groups in April, and Hoigaards has a once per month winter Nordic Walk at Centennial Lakes.

Classes include everything from short Introductory classes to 3 part classes for more personal attention to your technique.  There will be a special 2 hour Beyond the Basics clinic for walkers looking to take the next step and ramp up their walk. I am also available to teach private individual or group lessons.

We know that it’s more fun to walk with a group and so we are making an effort to get walking groups started with each class.  The local groups in Sauk Rapids, Cold Spring and St Cloud will be active once again in the spring. If you’d like more information about these groups please email me and I can give you times and locations.  The walks in the schedule that are being led by an instructor or myself are open to everyone and there will always be poles available for use on the walk.  Most of these walks are free of charge but there are a few community ed Nordic Walking Clubs that require registration.

Hope to see you out there!

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